Environment line

We at Asahikogyosho Co., Ltd. recognize environmental conservation to be one of the most important common concerns for all mankind, and strive to improve the global environment through monozukuri / manufacturing of automotive parts and industrial instruments and promote our business operations as being in harmony with the environment. To this end we have set up our environmental policy as shown below.

  1. Always be aware of the environmental impact that our operations could have, establish and review environmental goals and objectives, and promote a proactive prevention of environmental destruction as well as continuously improve upon obstacles to the environment.
  2. To reduce the effects on the environment, we work positively to initiate natural resources and energy savings and reduce waste generation, and review these activities periodically.
  3. Strictly adhere to environment-related laws and regulations relating to our business activities and other environmental requirements that have been put forward by the industry, local neighborhoods, etc.
  4. Educate all employees on the importance of the environment and raise environmental consciousness through environmental education programs and thought-provoking sessions.
  5. Disclose our environmental policy as requested and maintain good communication with local communities.

Mr. Yasunori Suzuki, President
Asahikogyosho Co., Ltd.
November 1, 2010